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#812 of Flying L Rodeo Company was awarded
"ARA Bareback Horse of the Year."

Aubrey Lee holding buckle at the
2019 ARA Finals.

Tradition in the English Dictionary is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. The late Roy and Kris Lee of Mount Vernon, Arkansas engraved tradition deep in their family's roots. Roy was the founder of the Flying L Rodeo Company and, to date is the oldest producing rodeo company in the State of Arkansas. The 2020 season will mark 61 years of rodeo legacy left by Roy & Kris Lee.

Small town USA, aka Mount Vernon, Arkansas became the homestead of the Lee Family.  In 1958, Roy & Kris purchase the farm and the next year (1959), held their first rodeo "On the Hill." After traveling across the state producing rodeos, Roy & Kris began putting on rodeos in their "backyard." Literally, their driveway was used for the trucks and trailers to enter. "Their farm was more than just a piece of ground or land, it was their income.  Their children - Barbara, Bubba, Joyce, and Jim all had jobs there as well.

ACA card #1 & #2 was held by Roy Lee and the late RL Wylie. These two were instrumental in the establishment of the Arkansas Cowboys Association in 1976.  Roy was the first ACA President and the first ACA bareback rider to go out on a horse named "Protestor" at the first ACA rodeo held in Conway, Arkansas 1976.  Roy took great pride in contributing time and efforts in the production of Arkansas Cowboys Association.
Roy always had a love for the sport of rodeo. He was a member of the Cowboy Turtle Association that later became known as the Rodeo Cowboys Association & in 1975, became known as the modern day PRCA. Roy enjoyed all events, but bareback riding was his passion.  He made the long haul to Nevada to bring home the first of load of Mustangs to Arkansas, so their offsprings could be used for his bucking stock. Thru the years, Roy had many memorable Bulls & Horses, such as Troubles, Protestor, Question Mark, Natchie, Mini Spots, Reverend the Bull, and Magic 105, are only a few.

In 1978, Roy Lee's life switched gears a bit and he answered the calling to preach. Rodeo was still in his blood & his wished to spread God's Word.  He began having Wednesday night buck-outs at his arena in Mount Vernon. He took time to share a devotional with those who showed up, and would later buck some stock to finish out the evening.  Roy was able to cross the paths for his desire to produce rodeos & share the gospel.

In the Fall of 1992, Roy Lee left his earthly home, followed by Robert "Bubba" Lee in 2011, and then Roy's treasured wife - Kris Lee, in 2016.  The remaining generations are passionate about continuing the tradition that Roy Lee started 60 years ago, very evident on a Saturday Night Rodeo at Mount Vernon to see second, third, and fourth generations working together to keep his vision alive and going.

The Lee Family have made thousands of friends throughout the years and would like to "Thank You" for making the trip to the 'top of the hill' in Mount Vernon and look forward seeing you again.
All Three have gone, but live within our Hearts, and will be a part of the
"The Hill" forever
Roy Lee  1928 - 1992
Robert "Bubba" Lee 1957-2011
   Kristin Lee   1937- 2016

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SECRETARIES: Joyce Lee,  Jennifer Raby & Samantha Lee
TIMERS: Jesse Moss
SPECIAL EVENTS/ARENA SUPPORT: Jacie Sullivan & Jennifer Raby
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